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Because information technology is developing faster every day, paper is not the best way for saving information anymore. Information technology in health care and nursing is also slowly gaining momentum and quantity of data and information is forcing companies to start changing everyday routine to rationalize time and quality of work.

IT possibilities

Informations must be accessible to employees in the best way possible so it is easier to find and compare them. New technologies offer better access to informations about tenants on different devices, for example mobile devices, personal computers and tablets.


Our vision is developing wireless solutions with mobile support in social security and nursing department in order to find the best results in work efficiency, possibility to prepare different analyses and to have better overview of what are the bottlenecks in the company.

The easiest way of noting, managing and vizualization of all activities.


DNA is adopted for quick and uninteruptable usage outside office on android mobile devices. On personal computers users can add, update, edit or remove working processes and work on more complex jobs.

Overview of planned activities right next to tenant.

Insertion of activities and measurements into system at any location.

Periodical noting of finished activities, time and duration of activity.

Paperless documentation and work with only touch of the screen.

Overview of everyones current activites.

Shorter time of data entry and data access.

Safety of inserted data and restricted access to gathered informations.

Off-line work with automatic data synchronization on internet access.

Simple straight forward usage with all information that user needs.

RR systolic


RR diastolic


Blood sugar






Tenant information overview

DNA app offers to users full overview of basic tenant information as well as all actions and measurements made in the past. Users can check what therapies are prescribed, diagnosis, doctors info, alergies, contacts and many more.

Actions entry

Mobile app allows users to insert finished actions and measurements for single or multiple tenants at once. Users can use whole set of functionalities like selecting correct medicines from prefilled medicines database, describe a wound and take a picture of it, enter ammount of received fluids, evident daily works like cleaning, washing, etc. At personal computer users can create anamnesis or other formulars and later fill them out on mobile devices. There can also be risk assesment (Barden, Norton, Morse, ...).

Overview of inserted data

Mobile devices app offers direct access to newest entered data that were synced. Once app is synced with cloud users can access all information safetly and anytime. Type of information can be restricted for some users as well.

Entry and overview of reports

After each finished job user can enter short summary of work or write a report, which other users can read to know what happened while they were not at work. This helps a lot in coordination and dispensation of work for administration personnel.

Executing of planned activities

Periodical measurements of vital funtions and regular nursing work.

Insert activities and measurements

Noting of activities and measurements done for tenant.

Data overview

All inserted data overview is available anytime and anywhere.

Complete solution of functionalities that makes everyones working process easier to learn, faster to work and much more connected then others.

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